The Power of Archetypes: Creative Human Brands

Brand Matters

At Monomyth, our work—and our agency name—center around the proven power of stories to move people to action.

We help great companies establish compelling brands using what are called archetypes. These 12 universally relatable “characters,” which are deeply wired into the human psyche, are:

  • The Innocent - This archetype is for brands offering a sense of simplicity and sincerity, often associated with purity and optimism.
  • The Explorer - Brands that inspire consumers to venture into new territories, whether literal or metaphorical, encourage curiosity and discovery.
  • The Sage - For brands positioning themselves as sources of wisdom and knowledge, guiding customers toward informed decisions and personal growth.
  • The Hero - This archetype is for brands that inspire consumers to overcome challenges, achieve greatness, and position themselves as catalysts for transformation and empowerment.
  • The Rebel - For brands challenging conventions and spark change, appealing to consumers who reject the status quo and embrace individuality and innovation.
  • The Magician - This archetype is for brands that captivate audiences by offering transformative experiences, leveraging creativity and charisma to create enchanting narratives and products.
  • The Everyman - For brands that prioritize inclusivity, relatability, and resonate with everyday people's shared experiences and aspirations.
  • The Lover - This archetype is for brands that evoke passion, forging emotional connections with consumers through sensory experiences and personalized interactions.
  • The Jester - This archetype is for brands to entertain and engage consumers with humor and spontaneity, injecting joy and levity into everyday interactions.
  • The Caregiver - For brands nurturing and supporting consumers, embodying compassion and empathy while providing comfort and reassurance.
  • The Creator - Brands that inspire innovation and self-expression celebrate originality and craftsmanship while encouraging consumers to unleash their creative potential.
  • The Ruler - This archetype is for brands that exude authority, reliability, command respect, and loyalty by projecting strength and leadership in their industry or market segment.

Clearly identifying your brand with the appropriate archetype helps your target market develop a strong connection with your company.

Aligning with an archetype humanizes your brand. Plus, with an archetype to guide you, and ensure you have consistent messaging and a clear voice, you can engage more effectively with your audience.  

The most iconic brands are instantly recognizable for this reason. For example, Patagonia is a classic Explorer archetype. Everything about this outdoor clothing manufacturer’s marketing speaks to freedom and new experiences, and that has paid off in a large, loyal customer base eager for adventures of their own.  

Do you know which archetype best describes your company?

If so, we can help ensure that people recognize you for who and what you are. If not, we can help you get dialed into what makes you tick and find the audience with whom that archetype will resonate.

Either way, you can expect your marketing campaigns to be more effective when you use them to invite people into your story.