The Modern Media King


Video is the most effective marketing medium. There’s no better way to build trust with your audience than a well-crafted brand film.

We know that’s true because marketing videos:

  • Boost click-through and conversion rates
  • Are far more likely to be consumed than written content
  • Are increasingly accessible across all devices

Companies still need other forms of marketing communication, but clearly, film is king.

However, that superiority has led to people producing a vast sea of videos. Creators worldwide upload 6,000 hours of content to YouTube every hour!

To make your film stand out, keep these three considerations in mind:

  • Quality is key. Consumers will compare your branded media to that of your competitors. Lose that “battle,” and you probably will lose business.  

  • You must share a message with meaning. You should think of your films as conversations with your audience. They need to walk away with a better understanding of who you are as a company that deepens their connection with you.

  • Film is no place to skimp. Producing brand films isn’t an area where you should “learn as you go.” Release one clumsily executed brand film, and you risk alienating  potential customers.

Consumers appreciate the polished blend of images, action, colors, words, and music, which means film will remain a highly effective medium for marketers for a long time to come.