Monomyth Studio Acquires the KODA Brand Agency

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Monomyth strengthens its position in the premium, luxury branding space with the newly acquired KODA, LLC.

Monomyth Studio announced today that it has acquired Phoenix, Arizona-based KODA, a luxury branding & marketing agency serving premium clients worldwide. The move to acquire KODA comes after years of strategic partnership between both agencies, assisting clients in the premium space as a creative collective. The acquisition of KODA is a strategic step for Monomyth to strengthen their position in the premium brand space.

“From the beginning of our collective work, it was clear that Monomyth’s focus on creating exceptional, high-performing brands was in alignment with the echelon of clients we served,” said David Schoenecker, founder of KODA. “I’m pleased to pass the baton to Monomyth in continuing our legacy within the luxury marketplace. I’m committed to a smooth transition with the Monomyth team and look forward to a bright future.”

The acquisition of KODA fully aligns with Monomyth Studio’s strategic focus on partnering with premium individuals, products, and experiences to make them champions in their respective industries. Through this, Monomyth gains greater access to the premium, luxury marketplace and is committed to serving those clients with excellence. The addition of KODA’s expertise in this market space to Monomyth’s proven brand strategies creates a potent combination for both current and future clients.

“The acquisition of KODA was a natural next step in Monomyth’s strategic roadmap. We’re thrilled to once again raise our level of service to our clients and partners.” said Mike Giles, Monomyth Founder and Creative Director

“We’ve developed an amazing working relationship with David and his KODA team through the years, serving notable clients such as Hideoki and Goodnight Stay, and we look forward to what’s in store as we continue to equip our clients to win!” said Chip Allison, Monomyth Founder and Strategic Director

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Monomyth transforms brands into industry champions. Through proven strategy and creative expertise, Monomyth consistently produces engaging and impactful brands for premium individuals, products and experiences.

Photos by Jeremy Hynes and David Clode on Unsplash