Monomyth's Brand Development Process

Brand Matters

Investing in your brand can seem costly and confusing.

We take the mystery out of the process with logical steps that lead to real growth, from inside your organization and out to your audience. And we back it all with a customer experience designed to keep you informed and involved, so you always know where you stand on your brand journey.

We focus on quality over quantity. Our process is heavy on research and built to achieve business objectives, so when we get to actual designs, the only surprise should be how effectively your new visual identity fits your goals. A typical brand project provides 2-3 options for your visual identity; each direction accomplishes your strategic needs in its own unique way.

Step One: Determine Need + Fit
Collaboration and trust are essential to your brand’s success. That’s why we only take work where we can make a positive impact on your business. And we only take work where our expertise is valued.

Step Two: Discovery + Research
We delve into what makes your brand unique, uncovering your real differentiators. We study your competitive landscape and market objectives. If needed, we perform deeper research that can include audience surveys, team interviews, and cultural analysis.

Step Three: Strategy + Personality
From the discovery results, we begin to chart your winning strategy. We define your core brand personality and highlight key ways you’ll connect with your audience. Mood boards will provide a framework for brand identity exploration, and help convey the specific visual language our team will create.

Step Four: Visual Identity + Voice
Building on our agreed strategy and brand positioning, we establish all the visual elements you need to communicate with your audience: logo, color palette, typography, photography direction, icons and illustrations styles, and more. We also develop a brand voice framework for all written content.

Step Five: Finalize + Implement
With your final brand direction decided, we codify everything into a set of easy-to-follow guidelines so that your new brand is consistently applied across all mediums. Upon final payment (per our contract) we supply all final brand assets to your team.

Beyond Branding

Now that you have your powerful new brand, it's time to put it to use. We offer a wide array of marketing services help you get the most out of your investment. From initial rollout to long-term implementation strategies, we offer everything from guidance to ongoing tactical support.

Learn more about our services here (link to Expertise page of new site).

Photo by Hannah Gibbs on Unsplash