The Importance of Developing Your Brand Voice

Brand Matters

In today's competitive business world, a strong brand voice can be your competitive edge, helping your brand set you apart from the crowd, connect with your audience, and build trust. But what exactly is a brand voice, and how do you harness its power to connect with your audience?

The term “brand voice” is shorthand for the attributes that give your communications your unique personality. It's the collection of traits that make your communications sound uniquely you. It's the friendly face (or should we say voice?) that people recognize and remember.

Do you use a casual or formal language? Are you funny, or do you keep things informational? Are you long-winded or concise? Factors like these help prospects understand you. So you must develop a distinctive brand voice. Then, you must maintain it–so your audience isn’t confused or concerned by sudden changes. So how do you find your brand voice and keep it consistent? To start, take these actions: 

  1. Focus first on your target audience. What type of voice will most likely win their trust and help secure their business? 
  2. Be authentic. Your voice must accurately reflect your company and express who you are rather than who you are not. 
  3. Choose a voice that translates. It must work well across all mediums, from website copy to social media posts, and also be easy to replicate. 
  4. Find your adjectives. What words best describe your company culture? Compassionate? Generous? Innovative? Let these words infuse your messaging and drive your tone. Remember, people crave authenticity. Emphasizing kindness with a cold, emotionless voice would ring hollow to your audience. 

In today’s noisy world, clarity and consistency are essential. At Monomyth, we help companies unearth their unique identity, fine-tune their messaging, leverage their voice to captivate audiences and drive meaningful connections. We can help your business be heard, too.

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