We are hero makers.

Founded in 2013, Monomyth is a results-focused creative agency specializing in developing and marketing champion brands. Headquartered in Phoenix, our team of talented and diverse industry experts thrives on new challenges. We come together to elevate our clients to new heights of success.

You're the hero.
We're the help.

A monomyth is the literary term for a hero’s journey – a universal story structure found in tales throughout human history and across cultures.

On their adventure, the would-be hero leaves home, receives supernatural guidance, overcomes great obstacles to acquire new strength, and ultimately enters into legend.

This is our narrative of creative development; we guide brands to become champions in their stories.

Our team.

Claude Allison

Founder, Strategic Director

Mike Giles

Founder, Creative Director

David Schoenecker

Business Strategist

Lindsey Murphy

Client Director

Kara Van Zile

Senior Designer

Isaac Holtorf

Senior Producer

Steph Lauderback

Brand Support Designer

Lexi Metz

Marketing Coordinator

Brenna Keck

Operations Assistant

Additional support.

Melissa Balkon

Design Strategist

Cody Kimmel


Tom Sheck