A&A Manufacturing

Project Highlight

A company with superior product and customer service struggling to connect with homeowners, A&A Manufacturing enlisted Monomyth to solve their brand and marketing gaps. What began as a rebranding endeavor grew into a 7+ year relationship, throughout which we:

1. Overhauled A&A's entire messaging platform to both their B2B and B2C markets.

2. Developed a vibrant visual identity that unified their market presence at every level, from interior design and team apparel, to outbound web and original film experiences, trade shows, packaging, and more.

3. Saw momentous growth in vendor partnerships, leading to substantial year-over-year profit gains.

Ultimately, A&A's continued growth attracted the attention of Pentair, a multi-billion dollar global leader in residential, commercial, and industrial water solutions. And in 2020, A&A sold for 23 million.