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Method + Madness

Method + Madness is a conference put on by AIGA Arizona chapter every year during Phoenix Design Week. It is, by far, the design highlight of the year here in Arizona. This year, we had the opportunity to emcee the conference, which went well. We didn’t even pull any of the stunts we joked about.

Instead, we immersed ourselves in the conference. We heard people speak about their strengths and the things they have learned throughout the course of their careers. We listened to designers ask practical questions about the business of design. Most importantly, we spent the weekend with our community, talking about the work we love doing.

We took some notes during the presentations, and we thought we’d share them with you.

Method + Madness emcees

Great Moments of Method + Madness

“Designers are heat-seeking missiles looking for imperfections.” – JULIE ANIXTER

“I’m interested in occupational imagination… We should be encouraging students to choose missions, not majors.” – STEPHEN TEPPER

“Education is a battle for what young people will know.” – RICK GRIFFITH

“You have to not lie. Which means you have to work with people you trust.” – RICK GRIFFITH

“The internet is killing our ability to tell and listen to stories.” – DAN CHRISTOFFERSON

“We are navigators of complexity. It’s our job to get shit done.” – ANTIONETTE CARROLL