A new dawn in healthcare savings.

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A new dawn in healthcare savings.

Ray offers a new and innovative approach to reducing the cost of specialty medications for plans and members. Their team leverages its deep expertise to advocate on behalf of plans and members to identify ways to cut the cost of expensive medications and procedures. Monomyth was excited to craft a brand and messaging platform to help Ray in their mission to bring people more affordable healthcare.

To convey Ray's ability to adapt and bring light to an ever-changing healthcare market, we created a variable identity system of sunburst icons. The interchangeable logos provide a sense of energy and motion, an essential sentiment to evoke in a clientele focused on getting the care they need now.

Ray's palette is derived from colors found in the moments that dawn breaks, when the cool dark of night warms and brightens into a golden new day.

There's a clear reason that we chose Monomyth as our strategic branding partner. Their team brings a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and client-centric service to the table.
J. Wilson Advisors