Elevating the private flying experience.

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Elevating the private flying experience.

PrismJet aims to disrupt the concierge aviation management market. 

The past few years have seen explosive growth in demand for private flights, to the point where locating an available plane is difficult. And this influx of new clientele is often sold sub-par services, creating a pervasive industry dissatisfaction. 

To win this audience and establish themselves as the leading private aviation management provider, PrismJet turned to Monomyth. Our strategy centered on client communication, to both jet owners and private fliers. Crafting a brand message around operational transparency and an exceptional flying experience, we positioned PrismJet as experts focused on delivering a new standard of concierge aviation services.

The logo evokes a relatable moment in everyone’s flying experience – the expansive view out your private plane window. A classic black and white palette keeps the brand crisp and uncluttered. This subtly focuses audience perception past all the flight planning details toward the luxury and freedom of the actual flight.