Cartel Roasting Co.

Making good on a national scale.

Cartel Roasting Co.
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Making good on a national scale.

Cartel Roasting Co. has been a beloved Phoenix staple for over 15 years. We were honored when they approached Monomyth with aspirations to expand and grow into a nation-wide coffee provider. We worked closely with their team to position Cartel for this next stage of growth without losing their caring and quirky personality.

To address a series of concerns around their current brand (Cartel Coffee Lab), Monomyth guided Cartel through a deep qualitative and quantitative audience research campaign. In this, we discovered that Cartel had a messaging problem: namely, no one knew what they stood for.

We helped them create a concrete brand personality centering around their heart for good things – both for people and for coffee. This lead to an update to their name (moving from Cartel Coffee Lab to Cartel Roasting Co.), a bold new visual brand, and a brighter, more positive brand voice.

These changes were brought to life in an improved e-commerce web experience, brand film and photography, a complete new line of packaging for all their coffee products, and an ongoing line of coffee and community-inspired apparel.

Monomyth Studio is an exceptional agency that I absolutely love working with. Their expertise in branding, website design, and consulting has been immensely valuable to us, and they've helped us navigate towards our business goals with ease. From their exceptional design work to their impeccable guidance, they truly excel in every aspect of their craft.
Yunkin Keophomma
Marketing Manager