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It's a lifestyle.

Hideoki Bespoke
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It's a lifestyle.

Hideoki is more than a bespoke fashion experience – it's a lifestyle. Amplifying that message was key to our strategy in helping Hideoki grow from a local Atlanta favorite to a robust global e-commerce entity.

And as is the case with all brands in the affluent market, there exists little room for error. Brands get one chance to make their mark in an impactful manner, so strategy, message, and attention to detail are critical. Of course, Monomyth thrives in challenging scenarios like this.

To protect the heart of the brand during this period of newfound growth, Monomyth guided Hideoki in maintaining brand consistency and impact across all touchpoints. This ensured a lasting impression on their A-list clientele, which include premier entertainers, professional athletes, and high-performing business executives.

Monomyth's deep understanding of the luxury market helped us position ourselves as an industry leader – attracting new customers and expanding our market share.
Deitrick THOMAS
CEO, Hideoki Bespoke